Online Poker and Full Tilt’s Whacked Wednesday

As if there was not enough bad news in the online poker world things took a turn for the worse at Full Tilt Poker.   The Alderney Gambling Control Commission suspended Full Tilt Poker’s gaming license.  This caused them to immediately suspend all operations.  That includes all poker games as well as all banking options including withdrawals.

This has caused a lot of speculation from the online poker community.  I wrote a blog post for PAS covering what I believe to be the options Full Tilt has.  This came as quite a surprise to me.  I knew Full Tilt was having a lot of financial problems but the last thing I expected was for Full Tilt to be forced into going completely offline.  It seems Alderney believes that a resolution just is not in Full Tilt’s future.

Full Tilt Poker has had plenty of woes lately.  Players have been complaining to Moneybookers and Alderney about not getting paid.  Moneybookers was being accepted for deposits but not for withdrawals.  Moneybookers finally got fed up and stopped allowing Full Tilt to use Moneybookers to process any payments.

The television production Poker Lounge stopped recording shortly after Black Friday.  An agreement was reached to continue filming the TV show.  Full Tilt was not paying Presentable Productions, the company producing the show.  Presentable Productions decided to cancel the filming of the show due to non payment by Full Tilt Poker.

It will be interesting to see what Full Tilt decides to do next.  I am guessing there will be a lengthy downtime.  Do not expect them to be back in business this week.  It is really hard to imagine that Full Tilt is offline due to Black Friday but yet Cereus, home to Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet, is still operating.  If you told somebody two months ago that Full Tilt Poker would be offline while Cereus continued to operate they would have told you that they were crazy.  It is hard to believe that Full Tilt has stooped to this low.  It makes me wonder if KGC might have to try to save some face and suspend the Cereus Network soon.

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