NFL Picks Week 2

Last week I went 1-1.  I lost the Rams after they got slaughtered by injuries but won the Vikings making the assumption that the Chargers would be once again slow out of the gate.  Week 2 is always tough.  You only have one week to look over and a great week 1 performance can often skew the point spreads.  The sports gambling websites are ready for this weekend’s action and so am I.

Houston (-3) at Miami

Here we are with a match up that takes one team that had a week 1 blowout against a team that lost by two touchdowns.  I was impressed by the Texans, that game was not a fluke.  I do not think the Colts are as bad as the score represented in week 1, even without Manning.   Arian Foster is expected to play as well.  The Dolphins have little talent.  They gave up 517 yards and 4 TDs to Tom Brady and gave up over 100 rushing yards.  On top of that, it appears that the Dolphins, their sponsors and the local media bought around 10,000 tickets to avoid a TV blackout that would have affected much of South Florida.  I expect the stands to look like a Raiders home game with 20,000 empty seats.  There will be little in the way of home field advantage here.  The Dolphins are also on one less day of rest after playing Monday night.  Take Houston, I think they will win big.

Cleveland at (+1.5) Indianapolis

When a line looks messed up I usually say bet with it.  Not here though.  Cleveland only averaged 3.2 yards per carry last week.  I do not expect their rushing game, or Colt McCoy, to go into Indianapolis and win this game after an awful showing at home against the lowly Bengals last week.  Kerry Collins has had one more week to learn the offense and he will not be losing two fumbles in this game.  Colts win this outright.

Philadelphia (-2.5) at Atlanta

I must admit, I hate both teams.  At least there is no bias.  The Eagles tore apart the Rams’ offense last week with Steven Jackson missing most of the game due to an early injury.  The Falcons basically did not show up last week in Chicago.  The Falcons are overrated and  cannot beat good teams.  The Eagles are a good team.  There will be tens of thousands of fans in the Georgia Dome yelling Michael Vick’s name and he will deliver.  Philly routs the Falcons once again in the Georgia Dome.

You know who I am cheering for on Sunday.  Good luck with your picks and hopefully I do not go 0-3 on Sunday.

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