New Ways to Bet Sports in Nevada

One of the great things about living in Nevada is that sports betting is legal.  Nevada is the only state where single game wagering is allowed.  Delaware is the only other state that has any real form of legalized sports betting.  In Delaware, three or more team parlays and teasers are accepted through the state lottery.  The NFL is the only sport that is offered unlike Nevada where any sport imaginable is offered.  In the other 48 states, players must go to sports betting sites to make their wagers.

Sportsbooks located within casinos have been a fixture in Nevada for decades.  There is nothing remotely close to a Las Vegas sportsbook anywhere else in the country.  Players 21 and older can go up to the counter and bet on anything on the board.  Now Nevada residents do not have to go to the sportsbook to make a sports bet.  Technology has brought convenience to sports betting within the state.

The first advance in sports betting was a mobile application.  Players can download a mobile application from companies like Leroy’s and make wagers directly from their phone.  The bets must be made within the Nevada state border.  Apps are available for both Android and iPhones.

There are also now websites where Nevada residents can make their sports bets.  A players goes to a participating sportsbook and fills out some paperwork.  A deposit is then made at the sportsbook.  The minimum deposit is typically $100 with a minimum bet being $5.  The player can then go home and log into the website on their computer to make their bets.  The server is set up on an intranet through Cox.  When a player logs into the website they do not have access to the rest of the internet.  This is done to prevent people from using proxy servers to make sports bets.  A player must be on an internet connection in the metro Las Vegas area to make these wagers.

The latest addition to sports betting convenience in Nevada comes in the form of kiosks.  Sports betting kiosks have been set up in bars such as PT’s, Sierra Gold and Buffalo Wild Wing.  The player sets up an account through the kiosk using a player’s card.  Once the account is set up, the player puts money into the bill acceptor.  Bets are then made on the kiosk.  The player is given a receipt for their wagers.  If the player wins, they then go back to the kiosk to initiate a withdrawal that is paid by the bartender.  The Venetian has also placed sports betting kiosks at their poker room entrance so that poker players do not have to go to the sportbook to make their bets.

All of these new sports betting additions make it much easier to bet on sports in Las Vegas.  It is not always easy to get to a sportsbook as they are usually located only at the bigger casinos or on the Las Vegas Strip.  Now there is no reason to have to deal with the crowds at the big casinos just to put a few dollars on a game.

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