New True Poker Software

The Yatahay Network, which includes True Poker, has new software.  The old 3D software that has not been improved in years is gone.  The new software is a huge upgrade and reminds me of the Dobrosoft software from years ago that was once used by America’s Card Room.  It includes new online poker games and new promotions.

The new poker games are Seven Card Stud and 32 Card Stud.  The Seven Card Stud game is only high and follows basic rules.  In 32 card stud, also called Manila, the 2’s-6’s are removed from the deck.  Players are dealt two hole cards and one card is placed up as a community card.  There is then a betting round.  After that round the second community card is dealt and there is another betting round.  This continues with one card at a time with a betting round each time until there are five cards in the center for all players to use.  There is also a difference in hand rankings as a flush beats a full house.  All other hand rankings remain the same.  Also an ace can only be used high.  In other words there is no A789T straight or straight flush.

A bad beat jackpot has also been added.  When a player loses quad 8’s or better and both players use both hole cards then a bad beat jackpot is hit.  30% goes to the hand that lost quad 8’s or better, 20% goes to the player that beat him, 10% is divided among the other players at the table, 30% goes to the next jackpot and the house keeps 10%.

The new software also has resizable tables.   Straddles were added too.  When you straddle you blind raise under the gun and receive last action before the flop if there has not been a preflop raise.  You can also chop blinds.  If everyone folds to the blinds and both players have enacted the chop feature then both players receive their blinds back and the next hand is dealt.

There are also several new tournaments.  There are tournaments that last a certain amount of time as opposed to running until one player is left.  If a tournament lasts an hour the tournament is paid out based on the chip count after an hour is up.  This should be a popular feature for players that hate playing hours in a tournament.  Bounty tournaments have also been added.  Also when you get knocked out of a tournament but cashed you are immediately awarded with your cash instead of having to wait until the tournament is over.

These are not all of the new features.  Download the new software and check out how improved it really is.  True Poker is U.S. friendly and shares the Yatahay Network with poker rooms such as Doyle’s Room and Bookmaker Poker.  If you do not have an account there yet then you can sign up here and get 27% rakeback and a 100% up to $200 first deposit bonus.

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