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A week ago, Station Casinos changed their player’s card program.  The program, called Boarding Pass, combined the properties already using the Boarding Pass with the programs at Wildfire and Fiesta.  All player points and tiers points were merged across cards.  This was all done in the early hours of September 15th.

The most notable change is that players now earn 3 points per $1 wagered on slots and video poker.  This means that $1000 wagered will earn a player 3000 points, or $3 in comps.  Poker players earn 1000 points per hour, or $1 in comps.  The comps are different now.  Previously, if a player spent their points at a Station Casinos owned restaurant 600 points equaled $1.  Non casino owned restaurants and venues as well as free slot play were 1000 points per $1.  Now everything is 1000 points per $1 regardless of whether it is casino owned or not.

Since players now earn 3000 points per $1 instead of 1000 points it is still a better deal across the board.  Now $1000 wagered gets $3 in comps at Station owned restaurants as opposed to the previous $1.66.  The best deal is that the value at outside owned entities on Station Casinos properties has tripled since slot and video poker points are now earned three times faster.

The tier points also changed.  Gold went from 500 to 1000 points.  Platinum went from 75,000 points to 40,000.  President went from 250,000 points to 100,000 points and Chairman went from 725,000 points to 300,000 points.  While slots and video keno earn 3 tier points per $1, video poker, sports and bingo only earn one tier point per $1.  Poker earns 100 tier points per hour.

Considering Station Casinos offers the best video poker in Las Vegas the new program is a great deal for players that enjoy full pay video poker.  While tier points are not earned faster the higher tiers are lower so they are easier to achieve.  If you enjoy some of the fine restaurants at Station Casinos properties then consider giving your video poker action to Station Casinos.

Station Casinos owns Aliante Station, Boulder Station, Green Valley Ranch, Fiesta Rancho, Fiesta Henderson, Palace Station, Red Rock, Sante Fe Station, Sunset Station, Texas Station, Wild Wild West, Wildfire Boulder, Wildfire Rancho, Wildfire Lanes, Barley’s, The Green, Gold Rush and Lake Mead Lounge.  Station Casinos specializes in the local’s market in Las Vegas.  Station Casinos recently emerged from bankruptcy and has been controversial among locals.  Local players have been unhappy over Station Casinos dispute with Dotty’s over the definition of a tavern.  There is also a lot of animosity about the debt Station Casinos bankrupted themselves out of, only to reemerge stronger than ever.  Also, Station Casinos is not a union company so they draw protests from the Culinary Union often.

4 thoughts on “New Station Casinos Boarding Pass

  1. This whole restructure of the reward system is unfair. They devalued the points I had already accrued. So in reality they took $400 in F&B from me. Sure they bumped me to President, but they restructured that as well, so it’s the same as being Platinum. Why have both tiers if they offer the same benefits. I for one am cashing in my points and I will not go back.

    • The players that had a lot of points on their cards earned the old way, but planning to use them at Station owned amenities definitely came out much worse. The points lost about 40% of their value overnight.

      • Your old points were converted to new points by a factor of 10/6. So if you had 6,000 before the new points you now have 10,000.

        The only real differences for poker players are you get tier points (good luck getting above gold though) and Boulder Station use to give $3 in comps between 3am-9am. They don’t now.

        • I got a letter a few days after I made this post that the old points were being converted. I don’t know if that was an afterthought with so many people complaining or if it was just not made clear. You are correct, they corrected the existing points.

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