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The major online poker news sites served up yet another fail after Black Friday.  None of those services covered Black Friday properly in my opinion.  It seems these news sites just cannot say something negative about online poker rooms they promote. I have never been shy about calling out poker rooms that are not acting in good faith but the major news services seem shy about doing so.  This goes for reporting on the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet cheating scandals, payment processing scandals and about anything else negative in the industry.

Some have the opinion that the major news services are bought and paid for by the large online poker affiliate programs.  While this may be true I think there are other problems.  These include a lack of commitment by those online poker news sites to what online poker players want.  It seems too often they are concerned about what a famous poker player’s house looks like or what that pro eats for breakfast and fail to cover what online poker players really care about, the poker rooms and events that matter to them.

Maybe I am biased.  Hundreds of times I have been asked who my favorite poker player is.  There is one obvious answer, ME!  I have probably played in poker tournaments with dozens of pros that have been on TV but to be honest I do not care.  I do not care about poker on TV and who won some tournament thousands of miles away.  I am more interested in online poker rooms behaving by not stealing player funds, not changing their bonus terms repeatedly, not screwing affiliates and handling pressure like Black Friday properly.  I think I just called out about every online poker room out there.

Two new poker news sites popped up because the major poker news sites just are not covering what the online poker community wants.  These sites are not going to accept advertising from online poker rooms.  In case you have not discovered these news sites yet I wanted to introduce you to them. – launched shortly after Black Friday.  Hood at Two Plus Two is the main person behind it.  They are committed to balanced online poker news without the threat of being cut off by a poker room. – Subject Poker launched after Black Friday as well.  They are anchored by Brian Horton (ZBTHorton), Isaac Haxton, Karak, Michael Corriveau (Mookman5), Nate Meyvis, Noah Stevens-Davidowitz (NoahSD), Scott Bell and Thomas Bakker.  They are a group of very respected posters at Two Plus Two.  They are also committed to online poker reporting without affiliate ads from poker rooms.

I wish both of these groups luck.  It is nice to see online poker players uniting in the cause of reporting online poker without the possible influence of online poker room affiliate programs.

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  1. Please advise on where to get information concerning funds seized from

    My husband is out 20,000 since April 24 when he won big online and had a wire transfer? Should we contact federal officials?

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