Nevada Gaming Control Board Passes Online Poker Regulations

The Nevada Gaming Control Board passed online gaming regulations by a 4-0 vote today in Las Vegas.  The regulations will allow licensed operators to offer players within the State of Nevada online poker.  Players will not have to be residents, visitors will be able to play online poker on the sites as well.

While online poker is now technically legal in Nevada on licensed sites, there are no licensed sites at the moment.  It will likely be February 2012 before any online gaming licenses will be approved.  South Point Poker already offers free money games to all players even though their real money site will have to exclude all players physically in Nevada.  Here is an article I wrote for Legal Poker Sites on the topic.

One thought on “Nevada Gaming Control Board Passes Online Poker Regulations

  1. First, merry Christmas. My brother and I drove 16 hours yesterday to your old home town of Rapid City to spend the holiday with family. We came really close to driving straight to Deadwood first to play in one of their tournaments, but given how exhausted we would have been we figured it would have been a -EV choice.

    I was wondering what your take is on the Justice Department’s decision that the Federal Wire Act only applies to sports betting, and if or how it affect the Black Friday indictments. I always thought it was logical that for the UIGEA to apply something has to be declared unlawful (like what Washington state did). Now that they say the Wire Act only applies to sports betting it seems that their case weakened. Am I wrong?

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