My Paigow Poker Bad Beat Story

Since my wife has been out of town with the kids for her annual summer Atlanta trip I have had more time on my hands than usual.  After having lunch with Mason and Mat from Two Plus Two Publishing I made plans for the next night to have dinner at Red Rock with Mat and Kiera who also works for Two Plus Two.

After dinner we decided to play some Paigow Poker.  It is a great, slow game for having a few drinks and relaxing.  While the house advantage is higher than I would like the game runs so slow that it is a slower drain then most games.  It is a great game to try and out drink the house advantage.   Usually dealers are friendly and players tend to be as well.

As we were winding down the unthinkable happened.  I got dealt a 7 card straight flush.  It was 234567 of hearts with the joker.  Had I been playing the bonus bet I would have won $55,900.  Unfortunately I am too nitty to play such a terrible bet.  According to Wizard of Odds the payback is 46% plus 22% for every $100,000 in the jackpot.  This means the payback on the bet I could have won $55,900 on would have actually been a payback of about 58%.  There are few if any bets in the casino that are worse than that.

I do not tell many bad beat stories but I thought I would share that one.  The night was fun and I ended up winning $200 after being out after sunrise.  I need to catch up on some sleep.  Every time my wife and kids go out of town my sleep schedule gets completely out of whack.

2 thoughts on “My Paigow Poker Bad Beat Story

    • The house edge was 42%. It was probably the worst bet in the casino at the time. Even live keno tends to return higher than that. It is purely results oriented to advocate making such a bet.

      Since you like bets with an astronomical house edge, Jerry’s Nugget has a $5,350 progressive at video Ultimate Texas Hold’em. It unlocks if you flop a royal flush. Of course, that is a 649,740-1 shot, but it sounds like your type of bet. The house edge is only 46.5%, but you’re dumb if you don’t bet every bonus side bet, right?

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