My Full Tilt Support Nightmare

When I created this blog I had to change the DNS.  In doing so I lost access to my POP3 email account.  I could send emails but could not receive them from the address I used for Full Tilt.  At the same time the autologin I used for Full Tilt stopped working after an update.  It had been so long since I had used my password I couldn’t remember it.  Using the password recovery feature I was still unable to reset it because I couldn’t receive their emails.

I emailed Full Tilt support and told them my situation.  I cc’d another email address I have and asked them to reply to all.  The first reply was a canned response from someone that obviously had not read the email.  They basically told me to login to the software to change my software.  I emailed them two other times and got the exact same canned response all three times. Obviously if I can’t login to the software I can’t change my password that way.

I then emailed them directly from the other email address with a copy of the canned response asking someone to please read the story.  Their reply was that they could not answer my email because I was not contacting them from my registered email address.

I then emailed security@ftp and at least got someone who bothered to read my email.  They refused to help me though.  They had to send replies to my registered email address.  I asked them to call me, ask me any and all security type questions, PM me at 2+2, have me send them a doc check including utility bill and ID or anything else that would secure my identity.  They outright refused.

Eventually I was able to get my new host to write a script that forwarded all of my emails.  I was then able to recover my password and gain access.

I understand that there is a level of security required for online poker accounts.  I was more frustrated that their support just outright failed to even bother to read my emails at first and it took 5 days to even get them to read my email by going to security instead of general support.  It didn’t help that Full Tilt security simply seemed unwilling to go to any effort to help me access my account.  Full Tilt Poker must do something to improve their support.  If they don’t Poker Stars will continue to run away with the top spot in online poker.

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