More IGT Texas Hold’em Machine Screenshots

Here are some more screenshots of hands that I have played on the Heads Up Texas Hold’em Machine at Red Rock.  As mentioned in an earlier post the machines have been moved back to the poker room area.  The limits have also been increased.  The limits are now 2/4, 4/8, 10/20 and 20/40.

Here is the strange hand where the computer lays down the 2nd nut to a river raise:

Here is the joy of overplaying a hand and hitting a 3 outer:

Here is a nice river straight flush suckout:

3 thoughts on “More IGT Texas Hold’em Machine Screenshots

    • Yes, this is the G2 Game Design machine. I like it but it is a tough opponent. The variance is huge since the limits are now a minimum of 2/4. At this point the games appear to be popular at Bellagio and are gaining popularity at Red Rock now that they are back in front of the poker room.

  1. Thanks for the pics. Interesting game. BTW, your “nice river straight flush suckout” wasn’t so much – you were slightly ahead on the flop anyway (I think 52-48) and made your straight on the turn so he was already drawing dead.

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