More Degenerate Las Vegas Stories

Twice a week I go to a local Las Vegas tavern to write.  I witnessed three more degenerate situations tonight.  Nobody puked on themselves this time but it was still pretty depressing.

As far as I know most bars and casinos will allow their employees to play video poker and slots.  This includes everyone from table game dealers to bartenders.  They do not allow their employees to play table games because there is the chance for collusion.  Slots and video poker are OK.

Our first degenerate works at this bar.  They declared what a good night that they had.  Their favorite game was keno, which anyone that understands gambling would never play.  Their good night was lost into the bar top video poker machine.  That was not bad enough I guess.  They went on to take out a cash advance and I am pretty sure that they lost most or all of that too.

Next came a random customer.  Let’s just call her delusional.  OK, maybe her name was Meg.

This woman has $4,200 in W2Gs from local bars from playing who knows what.  It is not because she knows what she is doing.  She seems like she enjoys keno.  She was proud of the bad tax advice she got.  She seems to think that she can write off her entire 2012 losses from her taxes. When I told her that she could not she got pretty defensive so I came back to write this post.  She seems to think that she can write $16,000 worth of losses against her wins of about $4,200.  I am sure the IRS would think otherwise.  She seemed quite proud of losing $16,000 without setting foot into a casino.

I got stuck on her gambling losses and she told me that she lost them when she knew she would win.  It was hard to take that too seriously as I watched her play Caveman Keno.  Apparently this degen lost $12k or more playing keno or other games on bar slots in 2012 beyond her taxable gambling wins.

This brings me to my next point.  I am not ever going to be against gambling, but maybe some people should not be around it.  Unfortunately, many people that work in the service industry in Las Vegas are hooked on playing bad video poker, slots and keno.

As all this was going on a video poker player got excited that he almost hit a royal flush.  This player seemed to have thought I was his friend after he lost his money.  He proudly proclaimed how happy he was that Obama got reelected because Romney would have never voted for him to get extended unemployment benefits,  He has not worked in 80 weeks according to his ramblings.  I guess he does not know that Obama would still be president today even if he lost and the same Congress would have voted for his extended unemployment benefits that found their way into the local video poker machines,  Luckily, or maybe unluckily for him, Las Vegas unemployment is only 10% now.  If it gets much lower then he will have to find work.

If you are thinking about moving to Las Vegas then you should think about whether you would ever find yourself in this position.  If you think that you may find yourself there, then I suggest that you find help through somebody like my friend that treats Atlanta gambling addictions.  If you think that you can handle the sin in Sin City then you will probably find a great life.  I know that my wife and I have, but that is because we do not play Caveman Keno or any other similar game.

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