Merge Gaming Downtime Appears to be No Big Deal

Edit: As expected Merge Gaming came back up after a long downtime.  There was a technical issue that cause the outage.

Merge Gaming is down.  Players are panicking and that is understandable.  It looks like it is just a technical issue.  According to Hero Poker’s CEO it is just a technical issue and nothing else.  I tend to agree.  Merge Gaming skins include, PlayersOnly, Carbon Poker, RPM Poker and Lock Poker.

Players are panicking due to Black Friday and Blue Monday and I completely understand that but there are some differences.  When PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Cereus got seized their poker software continued to work.  Their domain names got seized but not their game servers.  I think it is safe to assume that their gaming servers are not somewhere that they could be easily seized.  They are likely on KGC, a sovereign tribal land.  Also keep in mind that it is a holiday weekend in the U.S.  I doubt court orders are getting unsealed on holiday weekends.

If you are panicking because Merge Gaming is down take a deep breath and go to bed.  I would be willing to lay odds that everything will be OK when you wake up tomorrow.

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