Melita Gaming Closes, Players Not Paid

It looks like Cereus is not the only online poker network having problems lately.  Melita Gaming, best known for its skin Fat Bet Poker, has closed down.  In the last two weeks there was a dramatic loss of players.  In response to this the skin made this statement.  It reads in part:

“In recent days it has come to our attention that our technology provider, the Melita Gaming Network (Tmg Ltd) based in Malta may have “critical financial problems” following the sudden departure of senior management, including CEO Mr Trevor Ellis and colleagues.

That message states that the LGA in Malta is there to protect player balances.  As we have learned in the past Malta’s gaming protection is a joke so do not expect anything there. Both Stryyke and BetOnBet were licensed in Malta and the players got nothing.

After that message was posted Melita recently closed down without notice.  They did not notify players or skin owners.  The network was very small so it is not a major loss to the online poker market but it is a loss to players and skin owners that lost their investment.  It seems the site is covering player balances out of pocket.  Hopefully there are more generous skin owners out there.

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