Leggo Poker WSOP Party

Last night my wife and I went out to the Leggo Poker WSOP party.  The party was at PT’s on Durango which is next door to a Leggo Poker favorite, Naked Fish.  I had never met anyone at Leggo Poker before but had communicated a lot with them over the years.  Leggo Poker uses Poker Affiliate Solutions for the poker affiliate side of their business.  Over the years I have worked player support for PAS as well as other positions that had me working with Leggo Poker.  I also had some contact back when I was the mod of the poker coaching forum at Two Plus Two.

It was great to meet Aaron, Matt and Vitas.  I was able to finally put a face with the names.  We talked some business but for the most part it was a social event.  I got to meet some of their players as well.  It was a fun group of people.  I know they had a blast with beer pong, pool, munchies and drinking plenty of beer.  For those that could not make it here are some pictures of the event.  It was very dark in the corner where the beer pong was so a lot of pictures did not come out and those that did are still dark.  Most of the pictures were taken during beer pong.  I look forward to next year’s Leggo Poker World Series of Poker party.


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