Lederer Charity Poker Tournament at Golden Nugget Canceled

When I was playing the Stud8 at the Grand Series of Poker yesterday (bubbled 15th when it paid 13) there was a sign in the outside area by the bathrooms that stated that there were several cancellations on July 4th.  The cancellations included the World Series of BBQ, a fireworks show, and a charity poker tournament benefiting the Boys and Girls Club.

The Boys and Girls Club was the charity that the Suzie and Howard Lederer July 4th charity poker tournament was to benefit.  Even though the Lederers were not mentioned by name it is the exact date with the exact charity.

This will cause more speculation in the online poker community.  Two months have passed since Black Friday and still little has been resolved with Full Tilt Poker.  With U.S. Full Tilt Poker players not paid, Phil Ivey suing Full Tilt and sitting out the series, and many other pros missing in action it leaves me to wonder what there is to fear out there for the Full Tilt red pros.  Of course some Full Tilt Poker pros are going to get trashed talked at the World Series of Poker but most did little more than work there as a prop.  Those pros that seemed to be more involved in the day to day operations are noticeably absent from the WSOP.

Is it because of the backlash from the poker world or do they feel that they have more to fear by making a public appearance?  Of course the Golden Nugget may have thought that it was not a good idea to use Lederer as the focus of an event at their casino after Black Friday.  What seems odd to me is that there was little in the way of an announcement.  The schedule still shows this event as going on as did another sign in the gaming area of the Golden Nugget.

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