Las Vegas Weather Gets Old

One of the reasons my wife wanted to get out of South Dakota is because of the bizarre winter weather.  Sometimes it would be 60 degrees, then that night snow and not get above zero the next day.  One time in early May it was 80 degrees, the next day we had 2 feet of snow.  I actually liked that kind of weather.  I got used to each day being an adventure as there was never a dull moment.  I can honestly say that I miss the snow some.  It grew on me.  I even enjoyed driving the neighborhood snowplow.

Las Vegas winters are boring.  It is 60-70 degrees every day and sunny.  That sounds great to visit but to me it gets old after months of it.  It has not rained a single day in 2011.  The only excitement was the 2-3 inches of snow we had in early January.  It was gone by noon.

Don’t get me wrong.  I would rather have this weather than the misery of living somewhere that never got above freezing in the winter.  I guess I just need some sort of change in seasons to help with my creativity, something Las Vegas does not have to offer.  It’s either warm or hot.  Maybe that is great for people that are retired with nothing better to do than to play penny slots all day but for people like me that need creative inspirations like changes in weather Las Vegas just doesn’t cut it.

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