Las Vegas Crime Wave Hit My Neighborhood

After just challenging two people driving around my neighborhood this evening without a license plate prowling and going through garbage I remembered I wanted to write about this topic.  This blog post is about a month late.  This all happened on the morning of April 15th, Black Friday.  When I came inside from all of this I got an instant message from an industry insider that the Department of Justice had unsealed the online poker indictments so I got sidetracked.  Now I am finally getting a chance to write about the crime wave.

I live in a very quiet, well established neighborhood in Summerlin.  Summerlin is an outlying western suburb of Las Vegas.  It is one of the few family friendly areas of Las Vegas where crime is virtually non existent, schools are good and parks are everywhere.  Since I moved to the neighborhood there had been one burglary.  The homeowner walked in on them and the police got the burglars after a chase around the neighborhood that involved about 8-10 police cars and a police helicopter.  I was hoping that would be all of the excitement involving the police that we would have for a long time.

About 9:30am on the morning on April 15th, 2011 my doorbell rang.  My wife was at one of our kid’s schools volunteering and both kids were in class.  My dogs went crazy and never let up so I knew something was going on.  I came downstairs to see what was happening and it seemed someone was trying to break into our house.

I went upstairs and looked out the front window and teenagers were on my property, two of which were looking in our cars in the driveway.  All at a sudden they all broke for a car parked across the street.  As they sped off I heard the police helicopter and they were on their loud speaker sounding like they were trying to apprehend a suspect.

After a large number of police cars showed up neighbors started going outside.  I then joined them.  I then learned that the day before the person across the street from me got broken into.  They had left a door unlocked and had electronics stolen.  Someone matching the description had been caught in another house this morning I am talking about.  There were a total of five criminals but only one of them got caught when he entered a house where someone was home.

That morning a total of five houses were broken into making a total of six within a 24 hour period.  Two others including mine had attempted burglaries.  As far as I know the other suspects were never captured. It is suspected that the burglars needed a getaway car since they had been discovered.  That is why they were trying to get in my house with cars in the driveway.

Believe it or not Metro Las Vegas is middle of the road in crime.  When compared to metro areas of its size it is actually safer than average.  Suburbs like Henderson are among the lowest crime cities in the country.

We live in a zip code with one of the lowest crime rates in a city that overall is safer than most major cities.  This just goes  to show that no matter where you are, no matter how high end your neighborhood is, no matter how far away from the criminals you are, they will drive out to where you are and try to steal your stuff.  Having grown up in Atlanta I am used to this.  Five years in the woods of South Dakota softened me up.  We stopped locking our doors after a few months.  Now it is back to being aware of my surroundings.  You can never be too careful.

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