It is Almost Baseball Season

My favorite sport is by far the NFL.  Once the Super Bowl is over, I am already looking forward to the preseason NFL games.  I do not like basketball at all even though I may participate in an NCAA tournament bracket for the fun of it.  Although it is a distant second place, Major League Baseball is still a sport that I can watch.

I grew up in Atlanta and was a Braves fan when I was a kid.  Saying that they were one of the worst teams in baseball year after year is an understatement.  By the time I was in my late teens, they started winning every year.  Like most Atlanta Braves fans, I grew tired of them.  The strike finished me off for them.  Still though, I guess you could say that they are my favorite team.

Now that I live in Las Vegas I can bet on baseball.  Bets can even be placed over the internet or cell phone with Las Vegas sportsbooks.  Once I got my office in Las Vegas last summer, I subscribed to  I would put $10 or so on a huge underdog, sit in my office recliner, and watch it out of the corner of my eye.  It gave me something to cheer for, and actually gave me some emotion to help with my writing.

I am far from an expert at making MLB picks.  I basically used the theory that the team that was the biggest underdog probably had the lowest vig since they would be completely out of favor by the betting public.  I actually managed to win about $400 just betting big underdogs.  I am sure that was a fluke, but I think there is still some value in betting big money line dogs in baseball.

This time between the NFL season and Major League Baseball season is long.  I am looking forward to having something on TV in my office that is not a tired old sitcom off of Netflix.  For some reason, having something interesting streaming on my computer that I have a few dollars on helps me write all of my gambling articles.

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