Is Doyle’s Room in Trouble?

There has been a lot of speculation in online poker forums lately about Doyle’s Room.  Currently on the Cake Poker Network, Doyle’s Room has been on several networks over the years and is having a lot of issues.  One poster asked Lee Jones if it was true that Doyle’s Room owed the network $10,000,000.  The poster goes on to speculate that Doyle’s Room would never make good on this money.  This was asked when Lee Jones was still the manager at Cake Poker.  He never answered the question and Cake Poker, nearly a month later, has yet to deny this allegation.

Doyle’s Room has also been late on rakeback payments lately.  Also a player claims that Doyle’s Room will not pay him rakeback or rake race money due because they say he got rakeback at Cake Poker first.  The player states that he has had a Doyle’s Room account since 2007, over 2 years before Doyle’s Room even joined the Cake Poker Network.  From my own personal experience I know for a fact Doyle’s Room did not care if you got rakeback from another Cake Poker Network site.  They would still give you rakeback.

Doyle’s Room has also been late on affiliate and rakeback payments off and on for a year.  Currently Doyle’s Room can’t even sign up new players because the download function on their website does not work.  It has been broken for at least 24 hours.

Is there a liquidity problem at Doyle’s Room?  Maybe they are just understaffed or lack enough qualified people running the site.  Whatever the problem is it needs to get fixed or else their reputation will continue to suffer.

2 thoughts on “Is Doyle’s Room in Trouble?

  1. They’re definitely severely understaffed. This is a fact, not speculation. They’re just extremely low on people after downsizing severely within the last year. The good news for them is that Cake is pretty dependent on them and has liquidity problems of their own. They seem to be willing to get pretty creative and flexible to keep the relationship working

  2. I cannot download the software either, i also can’t start the installed software. I still have some money there and can’t login to withdraw it!

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