IGT Heads Up Texas Holdem Machine Back in Las Vegas

I heard that the IGT Texas Holdem machines were back in Las Vegas at Bellagio and Venetian.  I went to Venetian and saw that there were three of these machines now.  After having wondered what the exact reason the machines were pulled I decided to give them a try to see what had changed.

The two most obvious changes were that players cannot adjust the speed on the game.  It seems like the one I played was on the middle speed setting.  I also noticed even though the machine accepted a player’s card I never earned any points.  I had not played it at Venetian so maybe that was how it was set up before.  At Red Rock player’s cards worked and there was a speed option.

One thing that did not change is that the machine is the luckiest soul reader ever.  I lost $400 playing 2/4 in about 40 minutes.  I had AA/KK four times and all four times the machine folded preflop.  Twice the machine had 82o.  One time it had J6o and another time it had T8o.  The last two seemed like odd folds because this machine seems to never fold a hand that does not have a 2 in it.

Other times when I would flop monster hands it would fold almost anything, even two over cards with backdoor draws.  One hand the flop was 922 and I flopped 9’s full and the machine laid down KQs with a backdoor flush draw.  On other occasions though I would flop middle pair and the bot would call a check raise on the flop with one over card and no draws and manage to runner runner two pair or trips.  I won very few showdowns.  Typically if I won a showdown it was because I picked off a bluff or rivered an underdog into a winner.

The bot seemed to know exact times to bluff me out.  There were several times when I would bet and it would raise me when my hand was just bad enough to fold.  I would then peak at his hand and he would have chased nothing, no over cards and no draws to the river but just happened to know he could raise me out.  I was never right when I would call in that situation though.

Needless to say I am not impressed.  I was hoping that when the machines came back it would be different.  As many times as the bot has played shady I cannot imagine much has changed.  In other blog posts I have posted screenshots of incredibly shady situations where the bot folded the second nut flush when I had the nut flush without the board paired.  It has also laid down a set of aces on the turn when I had the nut flush and folded trips on the river into a dry board.  All of those times it was right.  It has also called my bluff with unimproved ten high and been right.

If I were playing on Absolute Poker with these results I would suspect Scott Tom was on the other end.  Since I am playing in Nevada I will grudgingly give them the benefit of the doubt and say that the bot is just the luckiest soul reader in the world.  He knows when to fold decent hands, bluff you out, what to chase and hit and how to value bet the showdown with very slim holdings.  I am a 64% limit heads up sit and go winner but yet this machine slaughters me as if it was my first day of playing poker.

While a small sample size losing 100 big bets in about 300 hands is something to wonder about, especially when I crush heads up sit and gos of the exact game.  I did very well when the machine came out for months but then all at a sudden I cannot win even a short session.  I stopped playing the game before they were pulled off the casino floors two months ago.  Expect to make a donation to the Las Vegas economy if you play this game.  The inventor told me the game was unbeatable by virtually anyone, I did not agree with him then but I do now.

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