I Received My Black Friday PokerStars Cashout Plus AP/UB Update

On Tuesday April 26 PokerStars started allowing U.S. players to cashout.  I requested my cashout on that day.  Some players reported receiving their cashout 2 days later.  I did not receive my cashout confirmation until after bank hours on Friday.  Today my PokerStars cashout was in my bank account.  I still have not found out what will happen to FPPs.  I had about $200 worth.

At this point there is still no news from Full Tilt Poker about when cashouts will be available for U.S. players.  It also seems that there are long delays in non U.S. cashouts as well.  That is making all Full Tilt Poker players uneasy.

There are major problems at Absolute Poker and UB.com.  U.S. players are still allowed to play but cannot deposit, cashout or make transfers.  Non U.S. players are limited to one cashout request every seven days.  This means if it rakes Cereus a week to process the cashout, and often times it is taking that long, you cannot request another cashout until seven days after your cashout was processed.  At first players thought they could request a cashout once a week but it turns out that is not the case.  The number of cashouts in a month is based solely on the length of time it takes Absolute Poker and UB to make the previous cashout.

Yesterday the St. Petersburg Times posted an article that included a lot of inside information on Absolute Poker.  It is a great read and should make it clear that any funds on the Cereus Network are in jeopardy.  It seems the investors have a lot of accusations of management not being able to account for all of the money.  I feel certain anybody that has followed Absolute Poker will not be surprised at all by the article.

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