How to Make an Advantage Play Work

I now live near the Red Rock Casino home of one of the casinos that hosts the Heads Up Texas Hold’em machine.  On Friday and Saturday nights Red Rock gives away $500 every 5 minutes to players playing video poker.  I’ve figured out how to beat that machine for a decent margin.  I decided it was a good time to play the machine on the small chance my machine and player’s card got called during that two hours.

Not only did my machine get drawn it actually got drawn twice.  I managed to win two of the twenty four drawings on Friday night playing a machine that as far as I am concerned does not have any house advantage.  That was a $1000 in free cash.  Obviously I ran way above expectations but even if the EV was only $5 it was $5 on top of a 100%+ payback machine.  Red Rock has at least two dozen games with no house advantage that pay points and participate in promotions.

Many players don’t realize the massive payback potential that player’s cards have.  Not only do I get $1 in cashback for every $600 wagered playing what I consider a poorly programmed bot I also have the chance to win some off these promotions.  Just from playing this machine I have won daily offers of 50,000 points which are worth about $85, I’ve won several free meals and also a free $25 sports bet.

When you go to any casino sign up for their player’s club.  You might not want to give them personal information but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.  You don’t give the casinos anything beyond your home address and driver’s license number, something most merchants require with a check.

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