Hope For PPN Poker Players?

PPN Poker, also known as the Poker Pros Network, closed down in September 2011.  The poker room announced that they would be moving to their own proprietary software after that date.  Before closing, PPN Poker made the announcement that they would be leaving the Cake Poker Network and that new US players would no longer be allowed after August 31, 2011.  Existing players would be able to continue to play on the new software.  After several weeks of the site being down, the poker room was still offline.  Most players assumed the network was gone forever.

Months went by and players grew more and more nervous.  There was little in the way of communication out of PPN Poker.  Players that contacted PPN Poker support were given the runaround.  After the site was down nearly four months, a new software was live.  This software was the software that Real Deal Poker used.  Real Deal Poker was offline during most of this time period as well.

Real Deal Poker uses live cards.  It is aimed at players looking for a live poker experience or are skeptical about online poker.  In its first launch, it was a total failure.  The goal of merging PPN and Real Deal Poker was to make the concept a viable one.

The PPN launched a beta version that players had countless issues installing.  These issues were not easily resolved on PPN Poker’s side.  Many of the players that had problems had their issues resolved although there are still players that are unable to play on the poker room.

Real money play kicked off again in mid January.  Players that have under $200 in their account are unable to cashout until February 15th.  Players that have $200 are able to cash out now.  The fee to cash out is $20-$25 in addition to whatever the fee for Western Union is.  There have been no successful cashouts reported by PPN Poker players since mid 2011, including during the relaunch.  A representative of PPN Poker stated that PicClub and MyPayLinq will be added as cashout options in the near future.  Chuck Kidd, the CEO of PPN Poker, is heavily involved with both of those processors.

Although PPN Poker stated that new U.S. players would not be accepted after August 31st, PPN Poker now accepts U.S. players again.  They are also advertising that players that deposit $250 or more will receive 35% rakeback for life.  Considering the poker room is almost completely empty, it is safe to assume that few players have taken them up on that offer.

While there is no guarantee that PPN Poker players will ever get paid, it is looking better now that the poker room is actually operating again.  There is virtually no traffic though, a major hurdle to overcome.  Follow the Two Plus Two thread and if there are any major changes I will post them here.

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