Heads Up Texas Holdem Machines Removed From Las Vegas Casinos

I needed to take a break from all of the online poker issues to post about the Heads Up Texas Holdem Machines.  In the last few months many players including myself noticed some suspicious plays after the limits went up.  The most famous one is this screenshot where the bot drew to the second nut, then folded when it hit.

I have quite a few bizarre screenshots but this is the worst of them all.  Another player went to the gaming commission and another player was building their case when I last talked to them.  I have yet to go to gaming although I am quite sure that I will at some point.

While all of this was going on the machines were abruptly removed from the casino floors of all Las Vegas casinos that offered these machines.  My source tells me that IGT, the distributor of the game, called all of the casinos and ordered them to immediately disable all of the machines.  According to this source they also ordered them to remove them from the floor as soon as possible.  I confirmed that this was the case with slot techs at one of the casinos that offered this game.

Speculation has run rampant about why these machines disappeared.  Some feel that it was the gaming complaints about shady plays, some feel that IGT did not like the negative publicity related to the machine and a couple of industry observers say there was a glitch where players could force an edge in some scenarios.   My guess is that this has to do with the fact that a player could buy in for less than two big blinds and just go all in.  This would gain the player points without really risking anything or having to play the machine’s artificial intelligence.  Maybe it is a combination of all of them.

Whatever the reason the machines are gone and my sources say the machines are not coming back, at least not in the form they were in.  That is too bad.    I thought the machine was a great idea although I stopped playing it because of the crazy things I started to see.  If the Heads Up Texas Holdem machines come back I will post about it here.

13 thoughts on “Heads Up Texas Holdem Machines Removed From Las Vegas Casinos

  1. Oh its a shame they’re gone. I heard about these new machines. Do you know if there are any other casinos that offer it outside of vegas?

    • As I understand these games were only in Las Vegas at Cosmo, Venetian, Bellagio, Green Valley Ranch and Red Rock. I might be missing a casino that had the games but IGT ordered all of the games off the floor. They are nowhere to be found in Las Vegas anymore and they were never in any other city.

        • It depends on who you ask. There were quite a few complaints to gaming from players that experienced some of the same type hands I had such as the 2nd nut lay down while never folding winners. A few people in the know think IGT got sick of the complaints. There was also a way you could scam the machine by just going all in every hand with your blind and playing flips while earning points so that may have been the reason too.

  2. its back up at bellagio, $2/4 is the minimum. I am glad I read this post before putting too much money in on it. I am up like $21 but I lost some cash outta my pocket too while walking around so that brings me down.

  3. Does anyone know where these games can be found in Vegas. I saw they are still at the Bellagio, and Monte Carlo. Can anyone confirm other spots i.e. Mirage, Cosmo, Aria?

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