Heads Up Texas Holdem Machine Screenshots

I have posted several times about these machines.  I find them quite interesting, fun to play and beatable.  I have posted a few hands at Two Plus Two so I figured I should post some to my blog as well.  I have play quite a few hours on this machine.  I typically play during the overnight hours after I’ve been playing live and the games break.  It is rare that I run into anyone playing on the machines during that time for more than a few minutes.

This one is my favorite hand.  The bot makes a clear error by laying down a set with a card to go.  He has plenty of value to call.

Here is one hell of a laydown on the river to a 3 bet:

After he has been just check calling he donk bets the river here and folds when I raise him:

Before you call him a superuser I check raised him with nothing on the river here and he folded:

2 thoughts on “Heads Up Texas Holdem Machine Screenshots

  1. I loved the machine. Played it for three hours and lost three dollars but made $70 in casino freebies. Love that it is the first thinking slot machine so I am not just playing a random computer chip that always has an advantage. Also enjoyed being right and knowing when I was being outplayed and bluffed using the “peak” button.

    This was at The Cosmopolitan where they had a bank of three of these machines.

    The next step in slot machine!!!

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