Harry Reid Supports Online Poker But….

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stated on August 16th at the Atlantis Resort that he was in favor of online poker regulation.  This sounds great except there is one major problem.  He isn’t for the legalization of casino games such as online blackjack and craps.  This creates a problem.  HR2267 calls for the regulation of online poker and house games such as blackjack.  Even if the House passes HR2267 it isn’t exactly what Harry Reid is a proponent of.  Since this is the case it is likely the Senate would vote on a bill that would allow only online poker.

If this scenario of a Senate online poker bill were to get out of committee and pass in the last month of this year’s session it would seem impossible for there to be enough time to have the bill go through the House again before the recess begins for the mid term elections.  In my opinion this means that online poker regulation is dead for this year. Most expect the remaining session to be a lame duck.

Republicans are expected to gain quite a few seats in the House and Senate this year.  This could spell doom for any online gambling regulation in the coming years.  All we can do is wait and see.  It would appear that the current state of gray area online poker is here to stay for the time being.

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