Harrah’s Lake Tahoe Exceeds Expectations

I had business at the state legislature in Carson City this week. I logged into my Total Rewards account while looking for rooms and discovered free nights at Harvey’s and Harrah’s at Tahoe, which is actually in what is called Stateline, NV. The west side of both properties is the California state line.

The free nights still required me to pay the resort fee as my Total Rewards tier is Gold. That $20 per night plus tax was well worth it.

It was definitely offseason. The town was dead. Vast expanses of tables were closed and there were few people in the streets or playing slots. It is a slow time before summer tourist season but after the ski resorts closed for the year. I guess that explains why I qualified for free nights as I doubt any play I have given Caesars properties justified it.

The room was extremely clean. Housekeeping gets five stars. The amenities for the room were in perfect condition. The bed was comfortable. The room came with a separate seating area and an office desk with a comfortable chair. The room was about 50 percent bigger than an average hotel room but is the norm for Harrah’s Tahoe.

One unique feature of the room is that it has two bathrooms. One had a tub with a shower and the other was just a shower stall. The stall’s shower head was on the far right of the shower and didn’t seem to work well from that position. It was pulled out of the wall a bit, perhaps from people trying to figure out how to center it. I didn’t use it for that reason, but will admit my inability to figure out how to make it work could purely be human error.

Every person I talked to that works for the casino was great. The drink service had perfect timing and was friendly. The slot attendants were on the ball when called. I played Ultimate Texas Hold’em for a few hours and had a new dealer about every 20 minutes. Each did a great job with game speed and accuracy. All were friendly, but one really stood out. I wish I could recall her name to give special credit there.

The food court was average at best. It had a Fatburger, as well as independent pizza and Asian outlets. I stayed with Fatburger. The other options didn’t appeal to me. I also ate a few meals at the oyster bar at Hard Rock Casino.  While I call the Harrah’s Tahoe food court average, the other three casinos in town offer nothing comparable.

In all, the casual food options in Stateline are just poor. Maybe people prefer higher end dining in the resort town. I didn’t try any of them as I was alone and didn’t feel like doing that by myself.

One strange feature is the buffet’s location. It is on the top floor of the hotel. It is only open for dinner during the week. It offers brunch on weekends.

Harrah’s Tahoe was exceptional, but there is no way to describe the surrounding area. You have to see it for yourself. The massive lake in the valley is like nothing I have ever seen. The mountains reminded me of when I live in the Black Hills in South Dakota.

If you have never been to Tahoe then you are missing out. If you decide to go, I highly recommend Harrah’s. Make sure to reserve the room through your Total Rewards card login, if you have one. It may not show as an offer but the discount can appear while you search rates.

I totally failed at getting pictures of the property.  You will just have to go see it for yourself.

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