Full Tilt Poker’s License Revoked

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission revoked Full Tilt Poker’s gaming license today.  It had been suspended for the last three months.  While there had been endless speculation about a buyer, after three months no serious progress has been made.  I wondered how long Alderney would hold out hope that Full Tilt Poker could be rescued.  I still believe that Full Tilt Poker will never reopen.  Considering how much financial and legal liability Full Tilt Poker has I just cannot see anyone investing the amount of money it would take to reopen Full Tilt Poker.  Anybody with that kind of money would surely know there are much better investments out there.  There is hope though.

Subject Poker just posted an article quoting the Department of Justice’s statement about the civil complaint filed last week.  The statement shows some hope that players could get paid back by the seized funds depending on a number of factors.  While I would not get my hopes up, it shows that the government is willing to entertain that idea if there is enough money seized and enough documentation proving how much players are owed.  Any repayment of funds would likely more than a year to redistribute if enough funds and documentation were recovered.

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