Full Tilt Poker Potential Buyer Settles With DOJ

Groupe Bernard Tapie, the potential investor in Full Tilt Poker, emailed Tiltware shareholders today telling them that they had reached a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice.  According to the email, Groupe Bernard Tapie will pay a fee to the U.S. Department of Justice.  The DOJ will in turn pay U.S. players.   Groupe Bernard Tapie will then work out a solution for paying players outside of the U.S.

Before that can happen, Tiltware shareholders must vote on a sale of the company’s assets.  That will require a two thirds vote.  To see the email, and the full story, visit Subject Poker.

This is obviously great news for Full Tilt Poker players all around the world.  Instead of the possibility of going through a liquidation and getting nothing or close to it, Full Tilt Poker players may even see a 100% payment if all goes well.  Hopefully there will be no problems with the sale and Full Tilt Poker can get back in business and all players can get paid.

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