Full Tilt Poker Moves to Weighted Contributed Rake Formula

Full Tilt Poker announced today that effective October 1st their rake formula will move from dealt to weighted contributed.  This means that rake will be calculated using the formula rake x the % of pot the player contributed.  In other words if at a 6 handed game with $1 in rake taken players A and B contributed $8 to a pot, player C contributed $4 and players D, E and F contributed nothing players A and B would receive $.40 in rake credit, player C would get $.20 in rake credit and the others would get $0.

Currently Full Tilt uses the rake/# of dealt players so in the above scenario all players would receive 1/6th of the rake credited regardless of whether they contributed to the pot or not.

While this does not affect non rakeback players in any way it will affect rakeback players as well as revenue share affiliates.  If the player is looser than average at the table they will receive more rake credit than before, if they play extremely tight they will receive less than before.

This means that Poker Stars, the Cake Poker Network, Fat Bet Poker and True Poker are the last online poker rooms using the dealt formula.  Players have long complained about rakeback pros killing game quality.  When a poker room moves to weighted contributed it makes that room less desirable to these type of grinders.  Will this be a positive for long term game quality at Full Tilt Poker?  Only time will tell.

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