Full Tilt Poker and Station Casinos Founders Partner

Just as Wynn Resorts and Poker Stars created a strategic partnership in anticipation of future online poker regulation Full Tilt Poker and Fertitta Interactive have entered into a similar agreement.  The Fertitta family founded Station Casinos which owns several popular locals casinos in Las Vegas including Red Rock Resort, Alliante Station and Boulder Station.

The partnership is only in anticipation of federal regulation and will not apply in the case of state regulations including Nevada’s Assembly Bill 258 should it pass.  It was also stated that this venture has nothing to do with Station Casinos itself.  Should federal regulation come this venture would be a completely different entity than Station Casinos.

It is interesting to me that MGM Mirage wasn’t the partner here.  Maybe they were not interested or have their own goals for when regulated online poker arrives one day.  Station Casinos, while not directly involved, doesn’t have the same popularity as other casinos.  In fact many locals refuse to even go into anything the Fertitta family has anything to do with.

Currently Station Casinos has a lawsuit pending against the City of Henderson and casino developers.  They have also been pressing to close down mini casinos such as Dotty’s, a popular slot tavern.  Their actions show that they don’t exactly like competition.  Let’s hope that mentality stays away from their future online business.  We all have the same goals.

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    • Yes Randy, they own at least part of the UFC. It is also unrelated to Station Casinos. In fact you often can’t watch a UFC match at a Station Casino if it is being held at another casino’s property. It gets a citywide blackout.

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