Former Poker Nordica Players Can Still Get Rakeback at Carbon Poker

With just a few days of notice to players, Poker Nordica closed their doors.  Poker Nordica had many complaints over the years about a lack of communication.  Players and affiliates constantly complained about lack of email responses to seemingly easy questions.  At one point, Poker Nordica planned an exit from the Merge Network.  Their potential new network was never named, and in the end Poker Nordica never left the network.

Poker Nordica was at one point the only EU licensed Merge Gaming skin.  They were licensed in Malta, and aimed at Scandinavian online poker players.  Over the years, their player base crumbled, even as Merge Gaming’s network exploded in traffic.

Carbon Poker is able to get players that had rakeback accounts moved to their poker room.  Players that received 35% daily rakeback can continue to receive that after they move.  They can also get players that are in states that are no longer accepted by Merge Gaming moved to their poker room.  Any player with a Poker Nordica account can move to Carbon Poker.  Player balances will move to Carbon Poker as well.  There will be no need to withdraw and redeposit.

After clearing cookies, click here to download Carbon Poker.  Create an account at Carbon Poker.  Once you have done that, contact Carbon Poker VIP Services with your Poker Nordica username, Carbon Poker username, and your request to move your bankroll and rakeback if you received it.  After that, please contact me at pokeraddict at to make sure we get you tracked so that you can receive stats and rakeback.  You may also contact me with any other questions that you may have.

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