Fitzgeralds Las Vegas Does Not Like Locals

I heard the poker room at Fitzgeralds in downtown Las Vegas had some very loose games.  While I have been down there several times to play and never found a game I did find a 10/7/5 Double Bonus video poker machine there.  The machine pays back over 100% and with the cashback it pays even better so I played that in the hope I might find a game.

On my third unsuccessful trip to the Fitzgeralds Poker Room I played some more 10/7/5 double bonus and afterwards decided to cash out my cashback when I was informed of an anti local policy.  When locals play at Fitzgeralds their cashback expires within 24 hours.

Many casinos in Las Vegas treat locals better than tourists.  You can almost always find a locals discount on attractions even if they treat you the same as tourists.  Fitzgeralds takes a different approach, they don’t want ongoing relationships with locals.  If you are a local make sure to always take your cashback with you when you leave because you can’t store it.

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