First Tournament Cash of the Year

It took four tournaments to make the cash but it happened.  I busted out of the Omaha High/Low Orleans Open, the Omaha High/Low World Series of Poker and the Omaha High/Low at Binion’s Classic.  Then I played my first Seven Card Stud High/Low tournament of the year.

I was doing great through the whole tournament.  I was grinding up very slowly.  Then I hit a dry spell where the antes were eating me up.  I got down to about 32k on 4k/8k and decided it was the best hand I was going to pick up for a while.

The low card posted the bring in and there was a player that was raising every hand that completed, which means he raised from the 1k bring in up to 4k.  Another player was short stacked and raised all in.  I picked up A73 and snap 3 bet it.  The bring in called and so did the player that completed.

By 5th I had caught a 7432A low and got all in.  All of the other players had been hitting bricks.  I figured for sure I at least had half of this pot.  On 6th I caught a useless 8 and the bring in got all in against the player that completed it and the cards flipped over.  Only one player could catch my low.  He needed to catch an ace for a better low and a 5 for a six high straight and better low.

In Seven Card Stud 7th street comes down when players are all in and there is no more action.  I immediately picked up my down card and it was an ace.  It gave me a pair of aces with a 7432A low.  Both of the all in players were drawing dead and busted out.  It just mattered what the tall stack drew into his 2346TT.  He refused to flip his card over, being a slowroller, so the floor finally ordered him to flip over.  He caught a queen brick and I scooped the entire pot.  The pot had about 140k in it.  With 19 players left I was likely the chip leader.

When we got down to two tables I knocked a couple of other short stacks out and got up to about 190k.  We got down to 12 players, which was the number of players that got paid, and I ran my trips into a wheel on the 8k/16k level.  That brought me down to about 110k.  The tournament finally got down to 9 players.  Starting this year stud tournaments go to a final table at 9 players.  This prevents the disadvantage of playing at the 4 handed table when the other table has 5 players.

We bickered about making a deal at the final table.  There were a couple of people that did not seem interested.  Finally we agreed on doing a chip equity chop at about 2am, 12 hours after the tournament started.  That gave me the 3rd place prize for coming in 6th in chips.

I am going to be playing in the Seven Card Stud High/Low on Monday at the Golden Nugget.  Even though the juice is too high there are no more Seven Card Stud High/Low tournaments left in either the WSOP or Binion’s Classic.

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