Everleaf Gaming Bans US Players

Update: Minted Poker confirms that Everleaf Gaming is leaving the US market. – Followup Story

According to new Terms and Conditions that players must agree to when opening up the Everleaf Gaming cashier, players from the United States, France and Malta are not allowed to play on the Everleaf Gaming Network.

18. No person who is resident in Malta, France and USA may open an account, play, or in any other way participate in the ELG offerings and/or services.

What is interesting though is that U.S. players are still playing for real money and are able to sit at real money tables.  U.S. players can log into the cashier and the US friendly deposit options are available to choose including credit cards, Pic-Club, wire transfer and cash transfer services.  When clicking the cash transfer option, a Western Union receiver name is given.

I went to Everleaf Gaming’s live chat and they simply quoted the new terms when I asked if I could make a deposit.  When I told them my friends in the U.S. were still playing, and that I still had deposit options available, they replied:

I am very sorry but we do not have any more information

That was essentially the end of the conversation.  The representative would not answer any of my questions directly and told me there was no other information available to support employees.

This is either a smokescreen so that the new T&C’s make it appear that players in France, Malta and the U.S. are banned or there will actually be a banning of these players in the very near future.  I have some emails out to people that I know on the network and hope to have more information soon.

In my last U.S. Payment Processing post at PAS, Everleaf Gaming processing speeds were becoming slow.  That has not changed since that post either, U.S. withdrawals are still taking weeks or more.  Even withdrawals for players outside the U.S. are slow.  I was concerned because at one point Everleaf Gaming was among the fastest in poker processing in the U.S.

The Everleaf Gaming Network started out as the poker room Poker4ever.  Over the years it became a small network with dozens of skins including Minted Poker, Cellsino Poker and Luvin Poker.  The Everleaf Gaming Network is licensed in Malta by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority.

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