Doyle’s Room Moves to Yatahay Network

Doyle’s Room announced that it has moved to the Yatahay Network.  Player’s balances and details have been moved as well.  All Doyle’s Room players must do now is download the new software.

Doyle’s Room spent 2 years on the Cake Poker Network.  Doyle’s Room has also been on the Microgaming Network and the now defunct Tribeca Tables Network.

According to Cake Poker was down nearly 400 peak players from the previous day and over 300 peak players from the previous Friday.  It is safe to say that a decent amount of the Cake Poker Network traffic came from Doyle’s Room.

The Yatahay Network includes poker rooms from large sportsbooks such as Betcris, 5Dimes and Skybook and the network is U.S. player friendly.  This should improve the game quality for Doyle’s Room players.  The original poker room on Yatahay is True Poker.  Players that sign up for True Poker rakeback get 27% rakeback and a 100% up to $200 first deposit bonus.

Players that wish to continue playing on the Cake Poker Network can sign up for Cake Poker here and play on the old Doyle’s Room software and network.

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