Downtown Las Vegas Western Casino Closing

The downtown Las Vegas Western Casino is closing.  The Western opened in 1970.  The Western’s hotel has been closed for years and it was time to close the aging, neglected casino.  The Western Casino is on Fremont street about three blocks east of the El Cortez.  It is near the intersection of Fremont Street and 9th Street.  It is in arguably one of the worst neighborhoods in the city.  The casino recently started closing at midnight due to the lack of business and the social issues in the surrounding neighborhoods.  While East Fremont is a redeveloping area, it is still a high crime area with a homeless problem.  There are dozens of old weekly rental motels in the area as well as many vacant lots and buildings.

The Western is owned by Tamares Real Estate.  Tamares Real Estate also owns two other downtown properties.  These properties are the recently renovated Plaza at Fremont Street and Main Street and the Vegas Club across Main Street from the Plaza.  The Plaza closed a year ago and reopened on August 24, 2011 after a massive renovation.  The Vegas Club is a casino hotel that the company is looking to renovate.  The Vegas Club recently closed their valet, moving it to the Plaza.

The Western will be no great loss to the city.  It does not have the type of history that many of the other fallen Las Vegas properties had.  It was not much more than a small casino with a dilapidated motel that was not in use.  Hopefully the 90 employees that will lose their job will find work at the sister properties or at other casinos.

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