Removes Most of their Scraped Content, the site that now forwards to, has removed most if not all of the content they had scraped off of other sites.  When a webmaster site scrapes they take content from a website that is not their own and copy it onto their own website without permission.  Last week has copied almost word for word.  After Pokerbonuses notified them that they did not have permission they went on and copy/pasted about a dozen other site’s content.  It seemed they would take one page from one site, another page from another site etc.  It appears that they finally have their own original content on their website.

One thought on “ Removes Most of their Scraped Content

  1. Just figured I’d leave a comment to let you know what they are really doing, or at least in the case of the page they copied from me – the page (become an online poker affiliate) that was copied off my site has been updated three times since they were outed for stealing the content – but the copied content largely remains.

    All they did was add a couple unique paragraphs above and below, but I guess since I’m not I don’t count and they should just get away with it clean. Whatever, I took my site down now, they get to win I guess with the help of posts like this clearing them – I don’t know why you would claim they changed it when I posted clear evidence they stole my content in the forums, kind of disheartening.

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