Day Trip to Indian Springs Casino

I have been stuck on my writing about the online poker industry.  Nothing has inspired me lately.  I decided to take a drive up into the high desert north of Las Vegas up US95.  About 30 miles past the edge of Las Vegas there is a city called Indian Springs.  The city exists off of what seems to be mostly government jobs.  There is a large prison a few miles south of Indian Springs.  Creech Air Force Base is connected to the city.  Indian Springs is also the closest development to the Nevada Test Site.  On Wednesday, I stopped in a tiny casino in Indian Springs.

At first glance, it looked like just another dive bar with gambling.  I like what others would describe as dive bars though.  I went to the bar to order a beer and the bar was very nice.  There are large TV’s and newer video poker games embedded in the bar top.  The clientele was as you would expect in rural Nevada.  They were very friendly.  They all knew each other and were having a great time watching an automotive bloopers show on the Speed Network.

As with anywhere, the beer is comped if you play.  The games on the bar tops were terrible though.  I decided to go hit the casino floor and see what was out there.  For a while I played video Ultimate Texas Holdem.  I ended up hitting a straight flush so I played the other multi-player game which is six deck blackjack.  Unlike some of the Shuffle Master blackjack machines, this one paid 3-2 on blackjack.  I won a little playing that machine as well.

The slot attendant was very friendly.  I took good care of her and wondered if that was common there at all.  The casino was nearly empty so the service was great.  I have a feeling the service is good no matter what, it just seemed like that kind of place.

There is a caged in sportsbook that is only open a few hours a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  During football season it seems it is open daily but two weeks before the Super Bowl I am sure there is little in the way of sports action.  There was also a restaurant but I did not eat there.

If you feel the need to get out of town it is a nice drive of four lane speed limit 70 from Las Vegas.  The highway has mountains on both sides of the road and the western slops were snow capped.  It did not help me get over my writer’s block, but at least it gave me something to write about and a fun night out.  It also gave me a small win to cover the gas and time.

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