Cereus Rakeback Late Again

Every month it seems the Cereus Network, which includes Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet, pays rakeback later and later.  There was yet another thread at Twoplustwo.com with players complaining that they still have not been paid rakeback 20 days into the new month.  I know I have been hard on Cereus in the past but this is a situation that comes up every month and would seem to be easily corrected.

Every rakeback friendly online poker network and poker room except Cereus has an automatic rakeback payment system set up.  This way players get paid daily, weekly or monthly automatically by the poker software directly to their poker account without delays.  Affiliates don’t have the liability of making the payments, players don’t have to be hassled with requesting the payments and the rakeback stays within the network so it can be raked again.  This is a winning solution for everyone involved that has worked at dozens of other online poker rooms.

At Cereus affiliates must either make the payments manually or send lists to Cereus and rely upon them to make the payments in a timely manner.  Lately Cereus has not been making the payments on time.  Month after month the payments have been getting later and it is time for Cereus to create an automatic rakeback payment system.  This way players know exactly what day they will be paid rakeback every week.  This keeps players happy, lowers the workload on affiliates, prevents rogue affiliates from stealing rakeback and keeps the cycle of rake flowing on the network.  Everybody that chooses to play on Cereus will benefit when they are able to count on timely rakeback payments.

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