Cereus Actually Blocks US Players But There is a Bug

Over a month after Black Friday Cereus finally has blocked U.S. players from accessing real money games.  When a U.S. player logs in all they see is a blank real money lobby.  Players have found a workaround already though as there is a bug.  If a player on your buddy list is playing you can find that player, find their table, and then join the waitlist.  When a seat opens you can take it.  If you did not use the buddy list feature and know some names of non U.S. regulars you can add them to your buddy list and join their tables.  You could also have a friend in another country tell you names of the players or use a proxy, write the names down, then login under your account and add the names.

There is no telling if this is a bug or intentional.  My guess is that it is a bug.  The software seems to geo target US IP addresses because the lobby is blank before a U.S. player logs in.  The blockage must just be a visual one and not a technical one since players can still play using the buddy list feature.

Also coming out today is that Cereus has not paid the major rakeback affiliate RakeTheRake for February, March or April.  This has been my findings as well from other affiliates.  Chipleader, the network’s affiliate program, has been in default to affiliates since long before Black Friday.  This shows that financial problems started long before Absolute Poker was indicted.  Typically when an online poker room starts having problems the affiliates are the first ones to get stiffed.

With U.S. players virtually gone the real money player count is down to about zero.  It appears to be game over for Absolute Poker and UB.  We will see what the future holds for this company.

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