Cake Poker Reneges on $13k WSOP Package

Cake Poker offered a “$13k Final” recently for which they also ran satellites.  The buyin was $450+$45.  The lobby explicitly stated “Take down a $13,000 package to contribute to your Vegas spree this summer.  Good luck in Vegas!”.

There were a total of 12 players.  This created a massive overlay.  The OP of the thread I linked to won it but was only awarded $5400.  He contacted Cake Poker and they told him that the tournament wasn’t a guarantee even though all over the tournament lobby it was stated this was a $13,000 prize.

If this wasn’t a prize package why was only one winner paid?  Why would Cake Poker even bother to offer a tournament like this if the goal was not awarding a prize package?  Obviously nobody would have played in this tournament if it was just a $495 random winner takes all tournament.  Also Cake Poker must have known there was no way they would meet the $13,000 prize pool with how pathetic their traffic is.

This was a disgusting angleshoot by Cake Poker.  They knew what they did or even if somehow they didn’t realize it until later any rational person can see that the winner of this tournament was shorted.  Taking this and all of their other issues into account I have to say that I can no longer recommend playing on Cake Poker or its skins.  I have removed them and all Cake Network skins from my rakeback site and will make sure the online communities will see just how dirty Cake Poker is.

4 thoughts on “Cake Poker Reneges on $13k WSOP Package

  1. It looks like you were right and the rumors were true. Pokerlistings has joined Cake Poker in a strategic partnership whatever that means. It probably means they bought them but I guess it could mean anything. The press release was pretty vague.

  2. Hello Poker addict, There’s an important issue re: cake I am currently dealing with and would love to hear your input on.


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