Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet is a One Star Experience

For whatever reason, Caesars Entertainment sends me two $50 food vouchers each month.  I never play there as there are no good games at Caesars Entertainment properties.  Maybe they are trying to lure me to play their lousy games. It does not work.

I try to use the vouchers, but I often do not have time to head down to the strip and Rio is not much closer.  My son loves buffets so I decided to try the new Bacchanal Buffet with him at Caesars Palace which is $45 per person.  At least I got a great discount off of it.

We arrived at 6pm tonight.  The wait was about 20 minutes.  I would have thought that wait time was perfect.  Not too long, but long enough for there to be fresh food.

We got seated and waited about 10 minutes to even get our drink order taken.  I have never understood why buffets do not ask you what drink you would like when you are seated.  They could write that on your receipt and you could go get your food.  Harrah’s Cherokee of all places is the only buffet I have ever been to that did this.

My son and I went to get our food.  I hit the crab legs first.  You can get them cold or steamed.  I asked for steamed and picked up a few hot seafood items.  When I got back to the table they were all some degree of refrigerator cold, even the allegedly steamed crab legs.

After that disappointment, I went to the carving station.  I tried several items including the prime rib, lamb chops and brisket.  All were room temperature to lukewarm.  None had any flavor.  The man doing the carving does deserve an A+ for his effort though.  He was the only highlight in the dismal experience.

Next I hit the Italian station with my son.  I grabbed some exotic pizza and pasta.  He grabbed pizza and wings.  The pizza was cold, but burnt on the bottom.  The hot plate was still cooking the bottom of the pizza, but nothing was keeping the top of the pizza warm.  The pasta was lukewarm and that was how my son described his wings.

My son’s next trip was to get some fruit.  At least they could not screw that up, right?  He was able to find his first warm item of the night.  It was watermelon!

We gave up and went to the dessert.  I had a fresh made crepe that was acceptable, but great considering how bad everything else was.  My son even complained about how bad the desserts were and he is 13 years old.

While all of this bad food was going on, our server was changed.  She could not understand that my son had ordered Sprite.  We tried to order lemonade, but they were out.  They kept bringing him just water as a refill.  We had three glasses of water for him and no Sprite after three corrections.  They just kept bringing the wrong drink.  They also picked up plates before we were done, although with the crap quality of the food it was not a big deal.

One other issue with the Bacchanal Buffet is its design.  It has a dead end on it and there is no place for the lines at the cooking stations. It is a terrible layout that was not well thought out.

If you are thinking of shelling out $45 for this then I strongly suggest saving your money.  Go to Bellagio or Wynn if you are stuck on the Strip or go to the M Resort if you have a car.  There is no reason to waste your money on this place.

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