BWIN Takes €2432 From Winning Sports Betting Player

A BWIN player recently complained to Sports Book Review about having their account locked without explanation.  The player’s account was locked on October 5, 2011.  Six weeks went by, and the player’s emails to BWIN were ignored.  The player found Sports Book Review, and the popular sports betting portal attempted to contact BWIN.  A month passed, and the player was finally paid €11,000.  This was €2432 less than what the player was owed.  There was still no explanation.

BWIN finally responded to a Sports Book Review inquiry after nearly two months of emails.  BWIN claimed that this player was a part of a betting syndicate.  A betting syndicate is when a group of players hammer a line that they think is off.  The group places large bets all at the same time in an attempt to catch the line while it is off and before it moves.  This is what BWIN claims the players did and the €2432 that they shorted the player was what they accused the player of winning as a part of the syndicate.

What Should Sportsbooks Do with Accused Syndicate Players?

If a sportsbook suspects that they have been hit by a syndicate they have several legitimate options.  These options include voiding the bet before the event starts, lowering the max bet of the players involved, or paying the players and banning them.  Refusing to pay the player the winnings after the event ended is not a legitimate course of action by a sportsbook.  BWIN played the player on a freeroll.  If the player lost, BWIN keeps their money.  If the player wins, BWIN refuses to pay them.  This is win/push for BWIN.  It seems they almost got to keep €11,000 too.

BWIN Recently Upgraded at Sports Betting Portals Before Incident

Sports betting portals had felt confident that BWIN was improving their reputation in the sports betting world since their merger with Party Poker.  Sports Betting Sites had raised BWIN from a C to an A- in two upgrades in 2011.  Sports Book Review had raised BWIN from C- to a B- in two 2011 upgrades.  Sports Betting Sites has now lowered BWIN to a D+.  Sports Book Review is still considering a downgrade.

BWIN Affiliate Program Problems

Sports betting payments are not the only problem that BWIN has had in the past.  Affiliates have also had their fair share of problems with the BWIN affiliate program.  BWIN has been accused of predatory terms by many affiliate watchdog sites.  The affiliate program retroactively changed their affiliate marketing terms so that they were able to slash affiliate commissions to increase their profits.  Since this was done on existing players that were already referred, it was considered to be theft by the affiliate community.

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