Bodog Poker Warning

Bodog Poker attempted a revolutionary software upgrade.  This software upgrade included removing the screen names from all poker games.  Each player is simply assigned a number.  When this first happened, I joined the rest of the poker community that questioned the security of their new software.  They claimed that this is what poker players wanted, an even playing field.  Poll after poll in poker forums show that 75-80% of Bodog players hate it.  This is just Bodog claiming that they know better than their customers.

High volume players are furious because the skill was taken away from their game.  Being able to read players and knowing your opponent was lost, something that is a part of poker.  Casual players hate it because the social element was completely lost.  Bodog poker players lost all of their virtual friends overnight since there was no way to identify players at the poker tables.  All types of players were extremely concerned about how collusion and bots would be detected.  Players and data collecting sites have busted hundreds if not thousands of cheats.  The scandals at Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker would have never been discovered if anonymous tables were used.  Bodog assured players that this software upgrade included major security upgrades and that these concerns were baseless.  That has turned out to be untrue.

Today, it became clear that there was a major security vulnerability.  HHSmithy, a dataminer, discovered a way to read the Bodog account numbers of all players at all tables.  Bodog Poker used usernames before, so this information is not useful to past data collected, but it means that players can now track play from today on if they had this script.  While this script has not been released, it is certain that others have developed it as well and are using it.

I feel that players should immediately stop playing poker at Bodog.  Players should immediately change their passwords to something very complex if they decide to keep their money in Bodog until this issue is resolved.  This is because login numbers are now exposed to people with the ability to develop this software.  A hacking attempt is low risk and a very complex and secure password should prevent any hacking attempt.  In addition to the security issues discovered today, another portal issued this warning that I found very interesting.

Bodog has a very strong reputation that they have built over the years.  Hopefully they decide that their reputation is worth saving and they bring back the old poker software.  Bodog has proven to everyone but themselves that this poker experiment is a complete failure.   The question is whether Bodog will publicly admit that fact.  I have my doubts that they will swallow their pride here and scrap this software.

I believe that Bodog has every right to create the type of software that they want that appeals to the type of players that they want to attract.  My only problem is that their solutions have caused endless security concerns and now this huge security threat that contradicts their actual goal.  Once they fix this, however they fix it, I will report it and withdraw my warning.

You can read the blog about Bodog’s poker software security issues here.  Below is the YouTube video that proves the Bodog anonymous poker software can be hacked:

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