Bodog Botches Another Software Update

Edit: Bodog fixed this in about 8 hours after many player complaints.  It is another example of their poker software being released before it was ready.  This update also fixed a few other bugs such as it lowered the time limit for posting a blind.  Tables also now come to the front when it is a player’s turn to act.

Bodog Poker, known now to U.S. players as Bovada, released another software update today to their flawed poker software.  The current update fixes the bug that prevented players from being able to see mucked hands at showdown.  This should help players feel better about playing on the new anonymous tables.  Players have been very concerned about not being able to spot collusion and this update should help with that.  There is just one problem.  Bodog/Bovada completely screwed up the update.

Players can not only see the hands mucked at a showdown, but they can now see the winning hand even if there is no showdown.  If there is a flop, Bodog will put the winning hand into the hand history, even if everyone folds and there is no showdown.  If you pull off the bluff of the century, the software will expose the bluff to anyone that looks in the hand history.  If you bet everyone out on the flop, players will be able to see what you had.

This is a ridiculously bad solution.  This means that observant players can now see what players are flopping and how often they bluff.  If you want to be able to track what kind of hands a player limps in, raises or calls raises with, then Bodog is now the place for you to play. Considering Bodog/Bovada is aiming for recreational players this move makes no sense.  It is either Bodog showing that they have no clue about poker, or it shows that their programmers are terrible and do not even bother to test their software before releasing it.  After what I have seen come from Bodog since the November 30th update, I suspect it is a little of both.

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