Big Bet Poker Closing

Big Bet Poker, a member of the Merge Gaming Network, is closing its doors.  Effective today new players are not being accepted.  All existing players must cash out by January 31st.  There has not been any public announcement about it and at this point there isn’t any information on their website but this has been confirmed by Big Bet Poker live support.

I have always wondered what the deal was with this group.  They continued to accept Pic Club after most industry observers felt Pic Club was destined to implode after a major dispute with Merge Gaming.  They also never researched their domain name.  Back in 2003 I worked at Big Bet Poker under different ownership as a prop player.  I hit their $25,000 bad beat jackpot for $6750.  It helped seed my bankroll to start my poker career.  After the jackpot got hit the room died and in February 2004 Big Bet Poker went bust.  They disappeared owing me and other props a small amount of money. I have been lucky that to date that was the only time that I have been stiffed and it was only $100 or so.

The new owners of Big Bet Poker obviously didn’t do their homework.  If they had they never would have opened a poker room using the same domain as a failed poker room years before.  Now, for the second time, Big Bet Poker is closing.  This time under different ownership.  Hopefully everyone gets paid this time.

When do you think Big Bet Poker III will open?

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