BetOnline Poker Cashier Not Working

There is a problem with the poker transfer feature at BetOnline Poker.  This problem has existed for over a week.  Poker players are making deposits at BetOnline, but when they go to make a transfer to the poker room, players receive an error and the transfer does not go through.  When players contact support, they are told that poker room transfers are down for an unknown period of time.

Players that have requested a refund of their deposit are told that they cannot get a refund and must wait until the poker room transfer feature is working again.  Players that have threatened to make a charge back have been told (post #13) that they would end up on a blacklist if they did so.  Players are still able to use the sports book and casino, the issue just involves the poker room.  Sports and casino games appear to be a large part of BetOnline’s business, so the problem with their poker room likely only affects a small portion of their overall player base.

Since the poker transfer feature has stopped working, the Chico Poker Network has lost over half of its traffic according to Poker Scout.  In April, the poker room was removed as an option for BetOnline players.  Players were told that BetOnline was moving to a different poker network, but rejoined Chico a few days later.

One poster at Poker Affiliate Listings seems to think BetOnline Poker is moving to a new network.  A BetOnline representative was asked to comment in that thread.  As of the time of this post, there has been public statement.

I will edit this post or write a new story once BetOnline resolves the issue with their poker room.

5 thoughts on “BetOnline Poker Cashier Not Working

  1. this has been very frustrating, yet another shady business practice by BOL. if they dont fix this issue im going to withdraw the rest of my acct and find a new site, i heard intertops is alright i might also look into 5 dimes.

  2. I have been getting the runaround for a couple of days now about transfer of funds to poker. At one point on 6/11/12 I was told on live chat that it would be a couple of hours to resolve the issue. It seems that they are willing to take your money and give you a hard time when you try to find out what is going on. Their standard answer is that there is no time frame for a fix. I am in the process of trying to get my money back with the fees. I feel that they should have disclosed the problem at the time of deposit so I would have a choice.

  3. I just opened this account on Monday for the purposes of playing poker. Of course, when I went to transfer funds to the poker book, it gave me an error message. I’ve spoken to two different people online, both giving me the same automated response. I’m going to ask for a full refund because I am soo over this lousy service!

    • As of today, I was able to transfer my money from Sportsbook to Poker. Just thought everyone would like to know……..

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