Bellagio Recalls “Cranberry” Chips

Two weeks ago there was a robbery at the Bellagio where a man wearing a motorcycle helmet robbed the casino of an estimated $1,500,000 in chips from a craps table.  Many of the chips stolen were cranberry colored chips valued at $25,000 each.  The Bellagio has decided to retire all $25,000 chips that are the same series as the ones stolen.  This is very important to high stakes poker players since chips are often used instead of cash.  Since the highest limit poker room in Las Vegas is located in the Bellagio many high limit players possess these chips.  Maybe these players were in mind when the thief chose the Bellagio.

The Bellagio Poker Room has a back room called Bobby’s Room.  Players in this room play up to 2000/4000 limit and 200/400 NL/PL.  It is much easier for players that play in these games to carry chips instead of cash.  It is also much easier to leave these chips in deposit boxes at the poker room.  Now any poker player holding these chips has the inconvenience, and potentially the tax hassle, of having to liquidate their collection.

Allegedly the same robber hit the Suncoast’s poker room a week earlier.  From talking to people in the know that crime was better planned and was a crime of opportunity.  Outside of the disguise the crime in terms of intelligence are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  It would not surprise me if the Bellagio robbery was a copycat by someone that knew about the Suncoast robbery.  Only time will tell if the crimes will be solved and we see if this was the act of one person or two.

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