Another Great Downtown Las Vegas Night

Once every three months I help the Two Plus Two Magazine scout Las Vegas poker room action.  The rooms that I cover are Red Rock, Orleans, Palms, South Point, M Resort, Binion’s and Golden Nugget.  The other person involved in the scouting handles the Las Vegas Strip.  Scouting Las Vegas games is my favorite type of work.  The only negative about this route is that the shortest way to go from my house to all of these casinos requires driving 63 miles round trip.

The survey is done on Saturday nights, the busiest time in Las Vegas.  After trying it a couple of times solo I finally got my wife to do the driving.  This way we do not have to worry about parking.  She can drop me off at the door and pick me up a few minutes later once I have done my game counts.

I always end the survey downtown at Binion’s and Golden Nugget.  This time we decided to park and get a few drinks.  I also had a $20 free play to use at Las Vegas Club so it was worth stopping on Fremont Street.

I won $25 off of my free play at the Las Vegas Club.  We then went across the street to their sister casino Plaza.  We played Deuces Wild at the bar and had some great drink service.  I eventually nailed four deuces.  We decided it was time for some dinner.

I had heard great things about Dupar’s at Golden Gate.  We decided to eat there.  What I heard was right.  It was better than expected.  It is an old school diner that fits the 100 year old property well.  We did not try the $2.99 shrimp cocktail that is Golden Gate’s claim to fame but saw dozens of them get ordered.  I will have to try it next time.

It got to be late and we went home.

Even though we live out in Summerlin, my wife and I always try to go downtown to play.  I always try to encourage friends that come to town to head down there to meet up as opposed to visiting the Strip.  If you always stay on the Strip and never make it to Fremont Street then you should consider doing it on your next trip.  The gambling is far better and the food prices will not break you like the $15 sandwiches at Venetian will.

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